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They have sacrificed so much for your happiness over your life, they have forgotten how to celebrate anything. Let us take up the responsibility and let them enjoy a little.

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Parents' Celebrations

Parents Celebrations

What are birthdays and anniversaries? Our parents have never celebrated any. Just a simple cake for their important days is good enough, and sometimes even that is a luxury. Let us help them relax a little. Let us bring them closer to one another. They have shown us how to lead a good life, let us now show them how to LIVE THE GOOD LIFE!

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Momentt of Surprise is ranked as one of the best Surprise planners in Indore. As organisers, we takeover all aspects of the Surprise after a deep understanding of what your’s and your partner’s  likes & dislikes maybe. We aim to create a complete custom experience so that you may Cherish the day Forever!

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