About us

We love love.
And we want to help you express Your Love.
That is our only goal.

We are an organisation aimed to helping you plan the perfect day for your loved ones. May it be your child, your friend, your girlfriend, your fiancé, your life partner or even your parents. We believe that we aren’t in the planning events business, but in the creating memories business, and nothing will make us happier other than helping you create memories for a lifetime.  Our tagline says it all.

“Fabulously Planned, Cherished Forever!”


Who Are We?

Just a couple of people who are madly in love with each other and recognise that not everyone is able to express their love for their partners. So we are here to help you the best of our abilities.

Purva Bagdi

The Creative Mind

Raghav Bagdi

The Guy to Get It All Done

Plan Your Wildest Surprises. We are here to make it a Reality!

What Do We Offer?


From celebrating birthdays to anniversaries, to parents anniversaries, we offer a wide range of unique ways to make every date memorable


Our aim is to really understand what you love and create the perfect atmosphere from that. Your surprise will 100% unique to you.


Once we understand what is unique to you, we go into hyperdrive to create a perfect evening for you and your loved ones without disturbing you one bit.


At the end of your date, our biggest happiness comes from your total appreciation of a perfect date that we try to put together

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